About Us

Angela Mustone High on Love

HighOnLove® is a premium collection of hemp seed oil wellness and intimacy products designed to take your pleasure to new heights.

From blissful bath oils to plumping lip gloss to the cult fave Stimulating Oil, each product is crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Our Story

HighOnLove founder Angela Mustone’s moment of clarity came while traveling in the Far East, researching cosmetic blends. There, she experienced an epiphany: that the mind and body connect so much more intimately through the transformative benefits of hemp seeds oil, a powerful wellness ingredient that had only just began its foray into mainstream society.

Years of research and perfecting formulations led to the creation of HighOnLove: a luxurious line of sensual and self-care products designed to take pleasure to the next level, all blended with premium cannabis oil.

Thoughtfully created for women, blissfully appreciated by couples, HighOnLove's revolutionary wellness products are formulated with premium hemp seeds oils to take pleasure to the next level.

Our Brand

HighOnLove’s oil blends are transforming romance, bringing a new level of sensuality to skin care, reshaping intimacy and spoiling everyone it touches. From blissful bath oils to luxurious massage candles and the brand’s cult fave Stimulating Oil, each product is crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Packaged to feel like a high-end beauty line, HighOnLove®’s products are chic and display-worthy – but it’s what’s inside that counts. Each one lives up to its promise, as proven by a loyal customer base and social media following which includes women of all ages.


HighOnLove® products are made of clean, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients and were thoughtfully designed to encourage women to take their sensuality into their own hands. We are committed to sourcing premium, natural ingredients that deliver results while providing a luxurious moment of self-care or intimacy.


Pioneering a new era of sensual wellness and confidence, HighOnLove® exists to break down stigmas and allow each woman to be a fearless advocate for her own pleasure and self-care.

After decades of experience in the cosmetic and cannabis spaces, founder Angela Mustone created HighOnLove® as a line that combines her knowledge of both, harnessing the benefits of hemp in formulas that truly live up to their promises—as proven by the brand’s loyal customer base.

In the Press

HighOnLove® has been featured in mainstream media outlets such as Allure, Refinery 29, Elle, and Brides, to name a few. We have a thriving Instagram following thanks to our diverse community of influencers, customers and brand ambassadors.

High On Love